Toyota and BMW warn no-deal Brexit could hit UK investment

The Toyota and BMW cars have both warned of a brexit threatening the production of their cars in the UK. BMW said Sky News, it could consider postponing the production of its Mini from the UK in a no-deal scenario.

A negative result could jeopardize future investments in its British plant near Derby, said the European Toyota boss.

Johan van Zyl told the BBC that if the Brexit” hurdles ” were too high, it would undermine Toyota’s competitiveness.

Talking to Sky News, BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said, if there was a “worst case” no-deal scenario, “we would have to consider what it means for us in the long term”.

“For Mini, this is really a danger,” he added.

On the question of whether BMW could shift the Mini-production from Cowley, near Oxford, he said: “we need to at least consider it.”

Previously, BMW boss Harold Krüger told the BBC that the car maker was preparing “for many scenarios” and was “very flexible” in his approach to production.

He said that the company had “reserved some flight capacities for the Transport of larger materials” and prepared its suppliers. “The logistics network is very flexible to adapt to change,” he said.
Caption: how British is a Mini?

The warnings come after the Japanese rivals Nissan and Honda of the British automobile industry have recently put violent blows.

Last month, Nissan has reversed a decision on the construction of a new car in the UK, and Honda said it will close its Swindon plant, although both are called non-Brexit reasons.

The automotive industry is increasingly responding to the consequences of a no-deal, as the 29 March approaches. Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer warned this week about a “bloodbath” for the industry.

Ford warned that without a deal would be “catastrophic” and the panel that represents the British automotive industry, said the SMMT investment has already been hit.
Caption: The company employs 2,500 people at the Burnaston plant

Like many other car drivers, van Zyl said it was important that there was a smooth trade with the European Union.

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